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Drivetrains, spare parts, body parts, body molds, & pit equipment:

Dodge Viper GTS-R #C32 & Dodge Viper GTS-R #C33
-An Entire Race Team’s Cars and Parts for Sale (3 Vipers in Total)
-Dodge Viper GTS track prepared club car
-Extra Motors, Drivetrains, Transmission & Parts
-Body Molds and Extra Body Parts
-Pit Equipment & Extra Wheels 

    Chassis #GTSR C32 & GTSR 33
  Engine: V10/90° 2V OHV 7986cc
 Transmission: ​6-Speed Manual 

Brakes: Ventilated Disc Brakes 

                    Suspension: Double Wishbone, Coil Spring

                                     & Fully Adjustable Dampers

This is an extremely rare opportunity to own an entire race team’s cars and parts. The cars for sale have proven themselves with a successful racing campaign over many years. They were bred and developed for motorsports. They raced in the American Le Mans Series under the team name ‘Carsport America’ and ‘American Viper Racing’.  What is included in the sale are Two Dodge Viper GTS-R race cars, One Dodge Viper GTS track prepared club car, spare motors, extra drivetrains, spare parts, body parts, body molds (make as many viper bodies as you would like), pit equipment, tons of wheels and much more.  This will be great for any car/racing enthusiast to get involved in racing or vintage racing.  They are coming out of a great collection.  

The collector acquired the entire racing team in 2006 when the Carsport America team retired. Being a very active car collector and racer himself he understood the importance of keeping them together as a complete set to be able to pass them onto their next journey.  Whether it be club racing, vintage racing or even used for racing schools, it will be nice to see them being enjoyed again. 
The Vipers are located at Motor Car Company in San Diego, California. We look forward to working with you.

     Chassis GTS-R C32 Stats:
Data Covers Years: 2000-2004
Number of events: 40               
Total entries: 40                        
Most frequent drivers:              

                                   Tom Weickardt (28), Jean-Philippe Belloc (18),

                   Marc Bunting (7), Jeff Altenburg (6),

              Shane Lewis (6), Kevin Allen (3),

                      Simon Gregg (3), Mike Hezemans (2),

                         David Donohue (2), Terry Borcheller (2),

                     Erik Messley (2), Aaron Povoledo (2), 
     Most frequent makes: Dodge (40)
Most frequent types: Viper (40)
Most frequent tracks:               
        Road Atlanta (7), Sebring (4),

       Sears Point (4), Mosport (4),

           Mid-Ohio (4), Laguna Seca (4),

           Road America (3), Portland (2),

                      Daytona (2), Miami (2), Washington (1)
                    Most frequent countries: USA (35), CDN (5)
            Sponsors: Toshiba, Pirelli, ESP, Planit,

                            Viper Racing, Yseek, AVR

     Chassis GTS-R C33 Stats:
          Data covers years: 2000-2003, 2005
Number of events: 33              
Total entries: 33                       
Most frequent drivers:             
                           Tom Weickardt (21), Michele Rugolo (10),

                                  Jean-Philippe Belloc (6), Marino Franchitti (5),

                Marc Bunting (5), Shane Lewis (5),

      Kevin Allen (4), Joe Ellis (3),

                                            Rick Fairbanks (2), Jeff Altenburg (2), Mike Silcox (1)
    Most frequent makes: Dodge (33)
Most frequent types: Viper (33)
Most frequent tracks:               
            Road Atlanta (5), Sears Point (4),

       Laguna Seca (4), Mosport (4),

Sebring (3), Mid-Ohio (3),

         Road America (3), Portland (2),

             Washington (1), Trois-Rivières (1),

              Texas (1), Miami (1), Lime Rock (1)
                   Most frequent countries: USA (28), CDN (5)
                                                     Sponsors: Toshiba, Pirelli, ESP, Planit,                                          

                           Viper Racing, Yseek, AVR

​​Asking Price: $695,000
All offers will be considered
Ready for immediate worldwide delivery

Please contact (+1) 619-777-3659 for more information.

For sale by in San Diego, California. Motor Car Company specializes in collection management, sales and brokerage of Collector Automobiles. 

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