1938 Buick Roadmaster 4dr Phaeton Convertible

(Model 80-C)

Car is ​Sold

​Body Style: 4dr Convertible
VIN: 13383019
Exterior Color: Van Dyck Brown
Interior Color: Tan Leather
Transmission: Manual Transmission

Data Plate:
Buick Motor Co.
Flint Mich.
1938 Mod. 80C
Style No. 38-4829
Body No. 190
Trim No. 474 7
Paint No. 523S0 
Body By Fisher

1938 Buick Model 80-C History:
The big brother to both Buick Special and Century Convertible Sedans was this 1938 Roadmaster Model 80-C which sold for $1,983 complete with all factory equipment as standard. This was the most expensive of the Buick Lineup for the 1938 model year. This model weighted 4,325 lbs.  Only 350 were sold for home use and 61 went for export sales.  

From the 1937 to 1938 model a new grille with fewer but thicker horizontal bars was the chief styling cue for the 1938, but more mechanical changes made a good car even better.  All-coil suspension –  another Buck first – delivered a much-improved ride, aided by shock absorbers four times the typical size. Domed, high-compression pistons boosted horsepower on both engines, now dubbed “Dynaflash.” 

Models and Prices for 1938 Buick:

1938 Buick Special 4-door Touring Sedan.  Sold for $1,047 New.

1938 Buick Special Convertible Coupe.  Sold for $1,103 New.

1938 Buick Special Model 40-C.  Sold for $1,406 New.

1938 Buick Century Convertible Sedan Model 60-C.  Sold for $1,713 New.

1938 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Sedan Phaeton Model 80-C. Sold for $1,983 New. 

About This Car:
This drop dead gorgeous 4-door Phaeton Convertible was just purchased out of Colorado from a man who had a driver to take him and his wife around and enjoy it.  The gentleman who drove them around always wore a driver’s hat while chauffeuring them about.  The owner had this car for about 10 years and enjoyed every moment of it.  Prior to that this car was in a Museum and prior to the museum it was supposedly owned by someone famous (we are working on getting those details).  Below is a list of work that the owner had done to the car during his ownership. It has always been garaged since it was new and drives well.  We just did an oil change, tune up, and full level 3 detail on 8/16/2020.  This car is ready to go.  These 1938 80-C Models are extremely rare and don’t come up for sale often.  If you’re in the market for a car that is very special please act fast.  They are extremely comfortable, stately and draw a special kind of attention that only a car of this stature can. 

Asking Price: $ SOLD

Please contact (+1) 619-777-3659 for more information.

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Engine & Trunk Photos:

Interior Photos: