1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder Turbo

Body Style: 2dr Convertible 
Engine: 6-cyl. 164cid/150hp Turbo
VIN: 40667W256544
Exterior Color: Red 
Interior Color: Black
Top Color: White
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual 

VIN Number Breakdown:
4: 1964 (Year)
06: Corvair Spyder (Series)
67: 2-door Convertible (Body)
W: Willow Run, MI (Plant)
256544: Sequential Serial #

History of the 1960-1964 Chevrolet Corvair:
By the late 1950s, the success of foreign compact cars (most notably the VW Beetle) could no longer be ignored. GM bigwig Ed Cole demanded that Chevy field a response but was perhaps a bit slavish in his requirement that it also follow the rear engine air-cooled architecture of the Beetle. In terms of weight distribution, cooling and noise, it was far from ideal. The front-engine/front wheel-drive Austin Mini was the future, the Beetle was pre-war technology with a limited shelf-life. Nonetheless, the 1960 Corvair did have its share of redeeming features. Styling was clean and attractive, because there was no drive shaft hump or transmission tunnel, interiors were quite roomy. Sedan, convertible, coupe, wagon and even a van were available. The Corvair also pioneered exhaust gas-driven turbocharging. 

Additional Info:
Curb Weight: 2470 lbs.
Vehicle Length: 180 in.
Wheel Base: 108 in.

Price: $16,900
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