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1956 Ford F-100 ½ Ton
2dr Short Bed Pickup 
Farm Truck Restored to Perfection
Factory Floor 4-Speed Manual

Body Style2dr Short Bed Pickup
Engine: 6-cylinder engine
VIN: F10D6P15100
Exterior Color: Sea Sprite Green
Interior Color: Gray
Transmission: 4-spd Manual Floor Shifter 

History of the 1953-1956 Ford F-Series:
Ford truck people went back to the drawing board five years after the F-1's debut, this time shelling out a reported $30 million on what arguably represented Detroit's earliest application of an ergonomic study—at least as far as truck development history is concerned. The result was the F-100, a milestone pickup if there ever was one.

A lot of design money was spent on the 1953 F-100's “Driver Engineered” cab, which was created using the “Measuring Man,” a life-size model of Average Joe Trucker. “Driverized” features like improved control locations, sound deadener in the doors and an even wider seat guaranteed that Joe and his buddies would feel right at home. Also new was an enlarged one-piece windshield for added visibility.
A high-compression 223-cid OHV six-cylinder replaced the F-1's 215-cid six in 1954. But more momentous that year was the appearance of Ford's first modern OHV V-8, the 130-hp 239-cid “Y-block,” which finally superseded Henry's good ol' “flathead.”

The second generation of Ford’s F-Series truck line was one of the first post-war pickups to gain collector status as happy Ford owners began holding onto these trucks in the 1970s. As such a lot fewer were left to rot out on fence lines. A lot of these trucks, however, saw engine swaps and less than authentic restorations, which makes a bone stock example exceedingly rare today.

The most popular and unique year of this generation Ford is the 1956 model, as this was the only year of this generation that had a wrap-around windshield. While long-legged owners have to pay attention to ingress and egress lest they bash their knees into the door frame dogleg, the unique styling rules the day for everyone else.

About This Truck:
The 1956 F-100 is a one year only body style, making it the most desirable of the Ford F100s. It’s easily identified as it has vertical windshield pillars and a wrap-around windshield as opposed to the sloped pillars and angled windshield of the 1953-55. Many Ford F-100 enthusiasts believe the F100 was at its best by 1956. Often referred to as the “slant cabs”, the earlier F-100’s had a windshield and front cab pillars that slant up to the roof. The ’56 cab design change led to all kinds of additional changes. 1953-55 slant cab trucks also had a triangle shaped vent window to match the slant. In 1956, F100 models had a more rectangular shaped vent window. Of course, the door windows and division bars are different from slant cab models as well.  The front grille and parking light assemblies are also unique to 56 models with headlights sunken into the buckets on the grille, and ’56 F100 air deflectors having a dished-out area for the headlight bucket to have room. Inside, the dash gauge area became arched on the ’56 F100, rather than flat as on 53-55 models. Another significant change was a revised and new 12-volt electrical system.

This particular truck has lived life to the fullest and you can feel it’s energy when you sit in it.  It started off as a Farm Truck.  It was used for exactly what it was made for… Working!!!  Several years ago, the truck was purchased from the farm family who owned it.  The new owners underwent a full-blown nut and bolt no expense spared restoration.  This truck is in Mint Condition.  The Paint is absolutely Perfect.  The Interior is Perfect.  The Engine Bay is Perfect.  The Frame and Underside are Perfect.  The Bed of the Truck is Perfect. The Wheels and Tires are Perfect.  All the Plumbing and Mechanicals are Perfect.   If you are looking for perfection… you just found it.  This truck performs just as it should.  It is 100% Mechanically Sound and everything is in working condition.  Anyone who purchases this truck will be as if they purchased it off the assembly line back in 1956.  This truck is for someone that is looking for a turn-key truck that they can buy, drive, show and enjoy.  We look forward to working with you on your purchase.

VIN Number Decoded
VIN: *F10D6P15100*
F10: F100 
D: 223 6-cyl
6: 1956
P: Twin City (St. Paul)
15100Sequential Serial # 15100

Body Tag Decoded
Serial No.: *F10D6P15100*
MAX G.V.W. LBS: 5000
WB: 110
AT RPM: 3900
COLORD. (Diamond Blue)

Engine #: C3AE-6015 F
C:  60's decade
3:  third year, '63
A:  generic full size Ford application
E:  component type, Engine
6015:  Engine Base Assembly (block)
F:  6th engineering variation of the part

Asking Price: $49,500 OBO
All offers will be considered 
Ready for immediate worldwide delivery

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