"Ol Yeller"

1955 Ford F100 Pickup Truck

Engine: V-8 390 FE Motor Bored 60 Over 
Transmission: Tremec TKO 600 5-Speed Manual Transmission
VIN: F10V5R27907
Exterior Color: Vivid Canary
Interior Color: Tan

About This Truck:
Imagine going to bed and dreaming of the perfect Ford F100 truck... You could be lucky enough to wake up and have that dream come true with this truck sitting in your garage.  Words CANNOT begin to explain the feeling you get behind the wheel of this 1955 Ford F100. It’s absolutely unreal.  I have been in the car business my entire life and have seen so much.  My hat comes off to the team of people who put this truck together.  There is so much to list about this truck; so I’ll just list a few. I would love to share more when you call or visit the truck in person. 

The Ford Tremec TKO 600 5-Speed Transmission (TKO Midshaft Option, Hurst 12” Shift Handle, 5-Speed Knob White) is so easy to use and the positioning of it is just Perfect.  The paint is absolutely Flawless (Primer…4 coats of White…6 coats of Yellow…6 coats of Clear).  I’m tempted to send my next car to the paint shop that painted this truck but after looking at the receipts, it was not cheap.  They definitely didn't cut any costs on this restoration.  The V-8 390 FE Motor is Bored 60 Over and puts out so much power it’s music to your ears.  The suspension of this truck is perfection and sits just right (you can control the height of the rear from inside the truck). The Carbon Fiber Grill and Running Boards are a nice subtle touch. The interior is beautiful, done extremely well and is very comfortable.  There is also plenty of head room no matter how tall you are. Air conditioning and a nice, classy sound system were installed to make this a great daily driver and comfortable on long trips.  There is a switch inside the truck to cut off the exhaust, which makes her extremely loud. It's a blast to drive and music to anyone’s’ ears who loves the sound of Raw American Muscle/Horse Power.  If you can’t handle the sound, just hit the switch and the Cut Off closes to quiet her down out the rear exhaust tips for normal driving and long trips.  It’s nice to have the option. The wood finish is stunning in the rear bed.  Rear Tires: Cooper Cobra Radial GT P275/60 R15 107T SL RWL.  Front Tires: Cooper Cobra Radial GT P245/60 R15 100T SL RWL. I have an entire binder on the service/restoration history and it comes with the sale of the truck.  This truck needs nothing but a person who wants to be the lucky new owner. 

Price: $48,000

Ready for immediate worldwide delivery.

Please contact +1(619) 777-3659 for more information