1951 Hudson Hornet H-145 Engine

Equipped with the Twin H-Power Engine (H-145). Heavily Loaded Factory Optioned Car.

Probably the Best Condition Hudson Hornet in the World. EXTREMELY Collectible and Desirable. 

Body Style: 2dr Coupe
Engine: Twin H-Power 6-cyl. 308cid/170hp (Super Induction with Dual Carburetor)
VIN: 7A127197
Exterior Color: Bali Blue
Interior Color: Bali Blue Leather and Tri-Tone Fabric
Transmission: 3-Speed Manual Transmission with Overdrive (3 on the tree) 

The most remembered Hudson of the postwar years and one of the industry’s all-time greats.   Virtually unbeatable in stock-car racing through 1954.  Amazingly, this racing success was achieved with a six-cylinder engine—the last performance six before Pontiac’s late ‘60s overhead-cam engine.  The Hornet’s legendary performance prowess gives it a big edge in collector appeal over the basically similar Pacemaker, Super Six and Wasp models of this period. 

Hudson claimed that Twin H-Power was the first instance of dual-carb, dual-manifold induction on an American-made six: 'The secret of the amazing results which Twin H-Power provides is that it so accurately measures the gasoline, so evenly distributes it to each cylinder, and so thoroughly vaporizes the fuel with air that it provides what the engineers call far better "breathing" and combustion than has heretofore been obtainable.

The ruggedness of the Hudson engine is an important factor in the development of Twin H-Power. The oversize bearings, the extreme rigidity and hardness of the block, the weight and stiffness of the crankshaft--in fact the extra sturdiness built into all parts--make it possible to utilize the extra power. Unquestionably, the Fabulous Hudson Hornet was the most hairy-chested, impressively performing six the American industry has ever created.This dominant performance was directly traceable to Twin H-Power.

About this Car:
This Hudson Hornet Coupe has dual carburetors which was a dealer supplied factory option kit (Twin-H setup) on it’s sensational H-145 Engine. Hudson used an All Steel Monobilt Body and Frame (The unit-body design allowed for a very low center of gravity, as well as, a inflexible structure made the step-down Hudson the best-handling American car of its time). When it was restored it was done to a #1 condition standard. The repaint was down to complete bare metal and repainted in the original Bali Blue. Just after restoration it won First Junior at a National AACA show with 396 out of 400 points. Loaded with tons of bells and whistles to the likes of a Hudson Weather Control system in the interior, 3-Tone fabric and leather interior, chrome everywhere throughout, famous Triangle hood ornament, spot light, turndown antenna, seat belts, glovebox, carpet finished trunk compartment, gold painted engine, Hudson door trim, plush headliner,  Hudson Radio and speaker, Chrome and Marble finish steering wheel, horn, wiper control, lights, clock, speedometer, fuel gauge, weather control station,  push to start, parking break, rear handles, Split Windshield, Perfect hood ornament with the honest-to-goodness gold V and so on. She drives like a dream and handles extremely well.  Coming out of a beautiful collection where she was very well maintained. 

Comes with:
Hudson Owner Manual. Hudson Parts Book. Hudson Shop Service Manual. Hudson Body Service Manual. Original Purchase Papers and Photos. Hudson Technical Data. Lots of Magazines. Spare Tire. Spare Hubcap. Spare Parts. Jack. Extra set of keys.

Price: $69,500
Ready for immediate worldwide delivery

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