1949 Buick Roadmaster 2dr Convertible Model 76C
Totally Restored

From the Movie “Mulholland Falls” 

Body Style: 2dr Convertible 
Engine: 8-cyl. 320cid/150hp 2bbl
Transmission: Dynaflow Automatic Transmission (Buick’s Smooth Operator)
Exterior Color: Carlsbad Black
Interior Color: Red Leather
Convertible Top Color: Beige 

Buick Roadmaster History:
Buick introduced its fifth generation of the venerable Roadmaster name in 1949. The car was the first of the “four-hole” Buicks of its era, with the brand’s trademark “ventiports” placed prominently on the front fenders. These actually provided some ventilation for the engine compartment. The cars were slightly smaller than the 1948 models, and were markedly more modern visually, especially with the car’s large curved windshield.

Available Buick Roadmaster body styles included a four-door sedan and two-door sedanette, a two-door hardtop coupe, a four-door station wagon, and a convertbile.

Today the most desirable of this generation of Buick Roadmaster is the convertible. Only 8,000 were produced, and the interiors are tonier than Roadmasters of other body styles, giving them both luxury and rarity.

About this car:
Where do you even start when you have a 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible.  These cars have to be one of the best driving vehicles of the 40’s and 50’s.  When driving it around here, in San Diego, CA, you almost don’t want to stop driving until you have driven across the country.  They drive so well, are extremely comfortable and reliable. 

This particular car was used in the movie Mulholland Falls.

This film is about the adventures of a 1940's special anti-gangster police squad in Los Angeles, the infamous 'Hat Squad.' The four members of this squad are big, tough, no-nonsense cops who don't hesitate to break the law, if it suits their purposes. When a local woman is murdered, their investigation turns up the fact that she had been romantically linked to several prominent men and had secret films taken of her liaisons. Since one of those men is the powerful U.S. Army General at the head of the then-new Atomic Energy Commission and another is the (married) leader of the Hat Squad, complications ensue. The FBI even gets involved in an attempted cover-up.

Comes with:
Buick Shop Manual. 1949 Fisher Body Service and Construction Manual. Service Records. 3 Sets of Keys. Spare Tire. Jack. Complete Restoration Invoices and Receipts.  Mulholland Falls Movie Script. MGM Film Negatives. A letter from MGM’s Elisabeth Seldes. Multiple Photo Credits in Binder. Official Mulholland Falls Folder. 

Just had a fresh service. Fully detailed. Needs nothing. 

Price: $127,000

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