1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom Marlborough Towne Car Landaulet 
Body by Brewster 
Gold Plated Factory Trim 

Used by Gloria Swanson in the Paramount Pictures special 
“Paramount Presents” and “Sunset Boulevard” 
1984 Miss USA Pageant Car (Nationally Televised) 
An amazing pedigree of ownership! 

Serial #: S449MR 
Exterior: Black & Burgundy with Gold Trim 
Interior: Burgundy & Beige 
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual

Gold anodized bumpers, gold anodized grille, gold anodized headlights, gold anodized windshields surround, gold anodized side mirrors, gold anodized ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’, 6 cylinder 7,668 cc motor, semi-elliptical suspension system, servo assisted brakes, dual fender mounted spare wheels, open drive compartment, stunning inlaid wood interior trim, burgundy leather upholstered chauffeur compartment, Smith’s gauges, one off Brewster build Laudaulette body, beige velour upholstered passenger compartment, beige wool carpeted passenger compartment, folding passenger jump seats, foot rests, flower vase, passenger clock, window blinds, alcohol decanters, black leather covered passenger roof, gold anodized roof trim, gold anodized rear lights, painter knock-off wheels, white wall tires, burgundy exterior paint with black fenders. 


* 1 of only 10 that was bodied by Brewster & Co. 
* The only one with this distinctive body style and three position top.

*1 of 2 cars known to have been ordered with 24kt gold detail

and the only one known to have been completely outfitted in 24kt gold, including the bumpers. 

Fun Facts 

The original owner was the son of Thomas Fortune Ryan, who was a wealthy New York Industrialist and one of the true robber barons of American history. His estimated wealth was well over $200 million dollars and he was an avid collector of Limoges enamels, tapestries, bronzes, and other objects of art. Thomas’s son, John Barry Ryan, must have inherited his father’s extravagant taste, as he ordered this Rolls-Royce with factory gold plated trim.

In 1974, Paramount Pictures featured the car in a television special, “Paramount Presents.” Gloria Swanson recreated her 1950’s film “Sunset Boulevard” for the special with this Rolls-Royce. (The Paramount Pictures Corporation letter and contact sheets are included.)

The Rolls-Royce was sold in 1975 to Claude Canada (Canada Coal Company) for $225,000, which was reported at that time to be the highest amount paid for a motor car in the United States. (The invoice is on file.)

Then in 1984, the glamorous Rolls-Royce was featured center stage in the Miss USA Pageant, which was nationally televised. Contestants performed to “Puttin’ On the Ritz” and made their grand entrance for the musical number from the car.

From then on, the car went into some of the most prestigious car collections in the world and has been extremely well cared for and maintained ever since.


This is a very unique opportunity to buy a special piece of history and one of the most iconic cars of all times. This Rolls-Royce has tremendous service records, restoration photos, literature, documentation, and so on. The car was restored with the original color and the original nitro-cellulose lacquer. When it was stripped down to the bare metal there was not a single dent or blemish in the Brewster aluminum body. It’s not often that you have the chance to acquire a vehicle like this one. The car is located in San Diego, California and can be sold and shipped anywhere in the world.

Price: $209,000

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