1955 Porsche 356/1500 Super pre-A Continental Reutter Coupe 

Sunroof Model

-One-year-only Model and the last of the ‘pre-A’ 
-Equipped with 1500 Super Engine, Sunroof, Body Mount Fog Lamps and Abarth Race Exhaust
-Restored by a Marque Specialist (Jim Liberty) to Factory Specs/Concours Level
-Porsche Certificate of Authenticity Included

*Rarest of the Rare for sale and the only one on the market in the World

Body Style: 2dr Sunroof Coupe
Engine: 1500 Super
Chassis No: 53239
Engine No: 41117
Exterior Paint Color/Code: Pearl Grey / 5407
Interior Material Color/Type: Red Leather
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual  

Porsche 356 ‘Continental’: A short story about a well-known name:
Yes, Porsche, too, built a ‘Continental’. It was way back in the mid-1950s and was a special version of the ‘pre-A’ 356, specifically aimed at the North American market. The Ford Motor Company, however, was none too pleased...

Like so many successful marketing ideas of the time, it came from the German company’s North American importer, Max Hoffman (the man who also brought the world the 356 Speedster and the Mercedes 300SL ‘Gullwing’).

As a means of clearing stock of soon-to-be-outdated 356 coupés and convertibles, he suggested naming them ‘Continentals’, to emphasize the international, sophisticated European nature of the advanced sports cars from Zuffenhausen.

All Continental-badged cars were the top-model, 1500cc version, with many extras. “Super” was generally reserved for the higher-horsepower pushrod engines. The immensely complex engines were the most technologically advanced units Porsche ever installed in the 356 and today the cars are at the top of the 356 hierarchy.

The chrome badge was in Porsche’s characteristic script, set on the top of each front wing. The cars were well equipped, too – a foretaste of special editions from all manufacturers in years to come.

Very few of these special 356s were built, though, as Ford was none too keen on Lincoln’s well-known ‘Continental’ name being applied to any other car. Legal proceedings, settled in favor of the Blue Oval, meant that only a handful of 356 Continentals were produced. For 1956 the name changed to ‘European’. 

 A 356 is reliable, usable and satisfying like almost nothing else from the 1950s or 1960s.

About this Car:
This is an extremely rare Sun Roof example of Porsche’s Short-Lived Legend Continental! The Porsche Continental was a one-year-only and they represent the last of the ‘pre-A’ breed.  A very limited number of the Continentals were ever made in 1955 making them extremely hard to find and highly collectible. 

This example was subjected to a Body Off Restoration done by Jim Liberty to Factory specifications and Concours Standards. Jim Liberty is a very well-known Porsche Marques Specialist in Costa Mesa, California. Equipped with a 1500 Super Engine, Body Mount Fog Lamps and Abarth Race Exhaust and much more listed below.  This Porsche is documented in the 356 Registry and comes with a Porsche COA as well. The history of the last 5 owners is known and it also has pictures of the car before it’s restoration. It is nicely documented.  

*This Porsche was also on the cover of “Classic Porsche” magazine (Issue #9) and had a 4-Page spread on its story. That issue of Classic Porsche also goes with the sale of this car. 

The car was also just detailed and tuned by local San Diego Porsche specialist.  The paint, interior, engine, chrome trim, underside and all other aspects of this car are in phenomenal condition. This is currently the only one of its kind on the market and is a rare opportunity for any collector or Porsche enthusiast.  The collector I received this car from spent almost twenty plus years looking for such a car and finally had a chance to acquire it around seven years ago just after its restoration. He found it while it was being shown at a car show in California.  Once this car sells you may never see another one like it on the market in your lifetime.

**Unique Options and Rare Accessories**
Sunroof. 1500 Super Race Engine. Body Mount Fog Lamps. Abarth Race Exhaust (4 Tips). Heuer Sebring (Stop Watch). Heuer Master-Time (Clock). VDM two-spoke steering wheel. Black VDO instruments with green numerals. Elegant little brows over the instruments. The large (optional) Telefunken radio with push-button tuning in the middle of the dashboard. Red dash. Red trim and red piping on the carpet. Tool set. Spare tire. Owner's Manual.

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